Benefits of Magento PWA

benefits of magento pwa
benefits of magento pwa

With the increased digitalization of modern life, customers expect the experience of online shopping to be very smooth and comfortable. No one wants to wait seconds until the webpage loads and all the items are showing clearly. Instead, the customers want to have the ultimate shopping experience. A few years before, customers were aware that only native applications could help online shopping to be smooth, but today, no gloomy long apps are expected.

Benefits of Magento PWA

User accessibility and offline availability are the features that customers want to see on their online retailer website. Magento PWA or Magento Progressive Web App provides all of this, which combines the experience of native apps and online browsing, creating app-like shopping experiences via mobile and desktop devices. Magento PWA’s use helps retailers engage users, increase conversions, and extend website experience to all mobile across platforms. 

Enhanced User Experience and Overall Performance

The use of Magento PWA helps you combine the world of desktop browsing and the world of mobile apps. Magento PWA brings together the speed of online browsing and the features of native apps. Practically, the use of PWA is all about combining the benefits of eCommerce websites and eCommerce native apps for different platforms. As a business owner, you are reducing the limitations placed on adding new apps to your online store, such as time and money restrictions. At the same time, you are getting closer to customers, engaging them with the app-like experience regardless of what device they are using. 

With the use of Magento PWA, you are not going to lose customers because of their frustration or poor user experience. Instead, Magento PWA empowers the businesses to ensure the retailers possess:

  • faster loading speed, 
  • flawless optimization at all devices, 
  • offline support & push notifications
  • easy, reliable payment options.

With the smooth user-friendly experience, shoppers are going to return to you and bring their friends and family. Thus, the use of Magento PWA facilitates word-of-mouth kind of marketing. magento 2 pwa Source

Built-In SEO Capabilities 

Today, a business exists if it exists online. This means that the businesses need to be seen to thrive. Most often, businesses ensure they are seen and noticed on the Internet through the use of SEO. SEO optimization allows customers to find the items they need faster and thus the proper use of SEO brings more customers to the retailer. Magento PWA has SEO features built-in, which means the business can get higher conversion rates. Moreover, with Magento PWA, you are getting more than the traditional SEO offers, all in the same bunch.

Now, Google and other search engines have updated their search algorithms to crawl Magento websites just the way they crawl other websites. Thus, if you are already using strong SEO techniques, you will not need to change anything when switching to Magento PWA. Even more, Magento PWA enables you to have the maximum power of SEO features that you are already using. The most important thing is to make sure your Magento PWA is set to be indexable. When a map of your website is crawlable, you are going to strengthen your SEO multiple times. 

Low Cost

As soon as the main idea of Magento PWA is to increase conversions, it is one of the cheapest ways to do so. With Magento PWA, you are investing in a single application that works perfectly for desktop browsing and mobile devices. Businesses can get PWA to work as their storefront at only a part of the cost that they would pay for separate native applications, for each platform separately. The cost of PWA is hugely lower than investing in many native applications while Magento PWA Studio users have the same features at their fingertips. Thus, benefits outweigh the initial costs as soon as businesses get the storefront and functions of their online stores in a single place. pwa Source


If you want to enjoy the benefits of Magento PWA and be able to provide your customers with the real feel of native apps while investing in a single codebase, Magento PWA is the best choice. However, working with Magento PWA Studio might not be always very easy and you might need some professional help. In this case, do not hesitate to contact SOFTLOFT company as we have rich experience in eCommerce development and are always happy to help.

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