Outsourcing in Eastern Europe has already become one of the common business schemes. There is nothing strange in such a global business structure’s popularity, as outsourcing in Eastern Europe, particularly outsourcing in Ukraine, has double advantage. On the one hand, it helps people who look for a profitable deal economize and reduce costs; on the other hand, outsourcing is the way to develop regions with traditionally less advanced economy. There is a huge potential in outsourcing Ukraine can offer.

Outsourcing cooperation is a perfect method of cost optimization and getting any type of software for affordable rate and of the highest quality. To obtain all the benefits of international outsourcing a person who plans to add it to their business scheme should become proficient in
the art of choosing the right outsourcing agency.
What are the main features of the perfect outsourcing company?

Outsourcing in Ukraine flourishes and grows, and this process is marked by the index of working specialists in IT outsourcing that reached 21,000 in 2010. In 2011, the volume of IT outsourcing services market indicated the raise of 20% and became 1.1 billion USD. Analysts predict the record-
braking results in 2012.

«Outsourcing» definition was created not so long ago. Just several years have passed since the word was invented. But such a service was appeared much earlier.

Outsourcing development was started in post-Soviet countries right after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. There were accounting agencies, PR & marketing companies among the first Ukrainian outsourcing contractors. Then it was turn of IT sector.

During last decade Ukraine has turned into one of the world most well-known outsourcing destination. We know that nothing is accidental.

Outsourcing prosperity in Ukraine is generated by a group of principal factors.

First and foremost, the quality of work matters. It goes without saying that developers must be experts in their field. Moreover, in Ukraine people are creative and initiative. The main property of Ukrainian developer is that he thinks before doing. Asking outsourcing company for help you can expect more than usual mechanical code writing. They will suggest you an opportune and relevant piece of advice concerning software architecture, functionality or possible product versions. Technical specialists of the highest level will describe you several options for you to choose the best.

When it comes to outsourcing, one of the most challenging steps for many companies is to actually select the right outsourcing destination. Based on its industry growth and constant availability of educated and highly skilled IT experts, Ukraine has been recognized worldwide as a reliable IT outsourcing country. It is proved by the fact that since 2007 the country is included in Gartner’s TOP 30 outsourcing locations. What makes Ukraine a popular outsourcing destination for a considerable number of US and Western European countries?