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What Magento edition fits your business?

When you think of opening a new internet business or already existing affair progress, first of all it’s time to think of the business size and its needs. Without any doubts it depends on your goals and your store’s evolution stage. For the huge variety of e-shop models Magento platform suggests corresponding editions.

Magento was started as open source free software. And now it’s free of charge Community Edition is a brilliant decision for new shops. If client stream is not persistent yet and if the range of goods is pretty modest for the first time, CE is a great way to save your money and get a perfect e-commerce platform. Then you will be grateful to it for your future success and growth.

Businesses that have already achieved the level of intensive client flow approached other needs in speed and functionality. For those shops Magento has created Enterprise version. It is especially recommended for multi-store businesses. Advanced site access permission makes its backend easy-to-use and efficient for several stores management. Lots of useful tools and settings are in your hands: private sales, gift cards, events and so on. Private sales allow business owners to restrict access to stores and to make some offers to selected customers. Gift cards functionality
gives you a possibility to sell electronic gift cards and to use them on Magento stores. That’s a promising feature for further business development. In addition, EE suggests you Gold level support of the Magento team.

If your commerce scale requires you for long-continued management activity we can suggest you to choose Magento Enterprise Premium edition. It guarantees 24/7 support and experts consulting services. It will help you save your time and multiply your money solving immediately all the issues.

In a word, the palette is for you to choose the most proper color.