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Shopify Audit is your possibility to involve an independent party to assess your ecommerce website and infrastructure. At Soft Loft, we provide full website audit to reveal flaws and unlock new opportunities to level up the customer experience you provide.

During the Audits, We Have Solved

15 cases of Slow Loading Speed
Identified and rectified issues causing delays in page load times, ensuring a smoother user experience and improved SEO rankings.
7 cases of Poor Conversion Rates
Analyzed user behavior and site design to pinpoint areas of friction in the buying process, implementing solutions to boost sales.
9 cases of Poorly Optimized Code
Identified and rectified inefficient coding practices that were causing site slowdowns, ensuring optimal performance and a better user experience.
10 cases of Flawed Project Architecture
Pinpointed and revamped foundational architectural issues that hindered business scalability and adversely impacted sales performance, paving the way for sustainable growth and increased revenue.
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Our Shopify Audit Process

01. Discovery Stage
Defining the audit scope
Scenario 1. All-round Audit

We offer the most comprehensive audit scope to cover all health aspects of an ecommerce solution:

  • Performance
  • UX
  • Custom code injections
  • Frontend Backend
  • Code style
  • Security
Scenario 2. Targeted Audit

During the audit, we focus specifically on your pain points if you choose to audit one or several of the above-mentioned aspects.

02. Investigating the Current Solution

We make a quick examination of the target system:

  • Number of installed extensions
  • Customizations of Infrastructure architecture
03. Audit Stage
Audit Focus
Audit Impact
Performance Audit

Performance testing under normal circumstances and with the traffic exceeding the expected load. Result interpretation.

  • Reduced number of bounces caused by slow page loading.
  • Increased conversions.
  • Stable performance even during peak traffic load.
UX Audit

Assessment of the digital experience provided.

  • Ready-to-implement UX design solutions.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Longer dwell time and meaningful user journeys.
Code Audit

Adherence to coding standards and impact on website usability, performance and security

  • No bounces caused by errors on the website.
  • Smooth checkout with no issues occurring during logging in, promo code usage and payment.
  • Clean code that is easy to maintain and less expenses on development efforts.
Security Audit

Known vulnerabilities in your software are patched.

  • Your business is secured against known cyberattacks.
  • Sensitive business data is effectively protected.
Infrastructure audit

Known vulnerabilities in your software are patched.

  • Complete consistency between your business goals and IT capabilities.

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Your Questions, Our Answers

What is the focus of a Shopify Audit?

Our Shopify Audit focuses on analyzing your online store's performance, security, SEO, user experience, and overall functionality.

How does a Shopify Audit benefit my store?

It helps to uncover hidden issues that may be hindering your store's performance or customer experience, providing a clear path to improvement.

Will an audit recommend custom app solutions?

Yes, if necessary, we will recommend custom apps or modifications to enhance your store's capabilities.

How long does a Shopify Audit take?

The timeline can vary, but we aim to provide thorough and actionable results as efficiently as possible.

Can a Shopify Audit improve my conversion rate?

Yes, by identifying and addressing any friction points in the customer journey, an audit can lead to improved conversion rates.