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Magento Theme Development: How Much Time It Usually Takes

We have already discussed the issue of Magento themes importance. They allow attracting new audience to an online store or suggesting unique conveniences to the existing customers. Logic and bright Magento theme gives a specific air to the online shop look, makes the shop easier to
use and more user-friendly.

There is no need to specify that all those benefits the Magento-based online store gets only if the theme is developed in accordance with the set of rules. These rules guarantee the proper Magento theme quality and the efficiency of its adoption.

Time of implementation also counts. Everybody appreciates their time and looks for the fastest implementation of a software solution needed for their business. SOFTLOFT offers a standard Magento theme development in 2-3 weeks. During this time high-class programmers build a valid, smart and eye-catching theme. We pay all possible attention to the details in order to offer our clients a perfect product. Clients get eCommerce software solutions which works smoothly and efficiently. Taking in account our profound experience in Magento themes implementation we can guarantee both excellent quality and adhering to the deadlines.

If you need a more complicated custom theme which includes e.g. 3-rd party integration or any other particular add-ons, the development can be prolonged to several months. As our rule is an individual approach to each client we always try to suggest the most suitable scheme of features/ development time and cost correlation.
Magento theme development is one of our main fields of activity. So SOFTLOFT will be glad to offer you development of this powerful tool for any online store advance.