Why Zend Framework is fit for enterprise solutions

Why Zend Framework is fit for enterprise solutions

When it concerns implementing big web projects of enterprise level we need to think of technologies that can simplify the process and be proper to satisfy all the needs of a considerable work. At SOFTLOFT we have already made the choice. We have defined an excellent PHP based
framework – Zend Framework. It is suitable not only for large and prolonged projects but its features are perfect for their realization.
Enterprise solutions often require development of similar parts of code during programming a significant big project. Zend Framework makes code reusable, so there is no need to repeat oneself.

Zend Framework allows using some of its components as individual libraries if the possibilities of the whole framework aren’t necessary while programming the code of a certain web solution. At the same time any other components may be integrated from the 3-rd parts. Most of developers are afraid of using Zend Framework because of model absence. But in enterprise solutions implementation it turns to great advantage. Enterprise level projects usually need unique and non-standard complex schemes. And in this case model-free Zend structure becomes an invaluable benefit. Business logic is not restricted with predefined limits. It lets show maximum of developers’ skills. Zend Framework has very strict standards that guarantee quality and safety. Zend Contributor Guide states that every contributor needs to sign a Contribute License Agreement, every code
must be tested by a unit test (Test-Driven Development requires to consider all code as wrong before it is proven correct) and the code must adhere to Coding Standards. Such security measures are necessary for enterprise solutions.
After all Zend Framework has an excellent support and consulting service. All the mentioned features combined describe Zend Framework as a perfect technology to simplify development of the enterprise projects.

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