Why your site is not converting your website visitor into your buyer

Why your site is not converting your website visitor into your buyer

You have a very targeted traffic, your product or service is exactly what your visitors want. You are attracting website visitors via SMM, email marketing and search optimization. The price for your product is very competitive and all these tools are not helping your to get sales?

Definitely there are some problems. Often a very simple problem with your website might not be converting as well as you would like.

Terrible mobile experience.

All ecommerce stores are having several platforms for making sales. As using of smartphones is growing you need to have a mobile friendly website. There is a very easy way to check it via Google mobile-friendly test. But note that passing it will not guarantee that your visitor have a pleasant experience.

There are many ways to optimize landing page for your mobile traffic. For example not to use complicated texts, have a single call-to-action, provide easy access for every feature of the site, etc.

For initial testing you can ask your friends, customers, family to analyze work of every page on their mobile devices. Ask for the feedback to determine what works and what needs to be improved to give your visitors a hassle-free experience.

 Necessity to create an account for the checkout process

Will you buy something on the website which requires you to create an account before checking out? I`m not sure. Now consumers demand speed, convenience and high efficiency.  Asking someone to create an account means firstly – to spend some time and secondly – to fill personal data, what is also very sensitive issue.

There is no need completely avoid account creation step, because many customers like (especially repeat clients) like to have convenience stored information and preferred payments. You need only to make sure that your checking out process is as quick as possible.

Lack of special offers, discounts and free shipping

All of us like to feel that we are saving some money during the purchasing. So definitely you need to make sure that all your special offers are highly visible. As an example you can suggest  your client to demand free shipping and place this information on the website.

Work on your offers and discount campaigns into your website design and also include them in the areas that are viewed often. You can also build exit offers with including special offers which enticing potential client to complete the purchase.

Painfully slow speed on the website.

From your experience, what will you do when you land on a website and it doesn’t work immediately? You will leave and definitely I will do the same. Everybody will do the same. And you have to understand that if you’re losing the sale because of slow website it is not only now, but also for the future. There are many tests that can help you to check the speed of the website. Additionally you will be forced to make some changes in accordance with the test suggestions. In any case you need to use quality website hosting, consider signing up for a content delivery network to make your website platform better.

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