What we would like to improve in Magento…

The last three years we have been working with Magento. And we can say that it is perhaps the best eCommerce solution we’ve ever been dealt with. It allows settling pretty complicated issues in a non-standard way. At the same time Magento is perfect for simple projects with reasonable prices. While your business grows, Magento can be used for proportional resource expansion, server possibilities and functional development. However if you make a decision to “emigrate” to Enterprise version, the budget reaches other dimensions. And now let’s imagine what can be improved so that the application becomes even better: 1) The modules that extend beyond standard functions (please don’t confuse with the modules that intended for adding new functions) are rather difficult to develop. For example, to improve a standard checkout we need to sweat. Yes, it is possible, but complicated. 2) System flexibility. Magento tries to popularize its own coding techniques. We’d like to have a little bit of freedom at least for themes creation. Without any doubt, XML is great but sometimes simplicity is better. 3) Code unloading is impossible (it affects the engine speed). Magento doesn’t permit to lessen a load of functionality. The modules are connected too tightly… Autonomy would be a considerable plus. In some cases the best decision is to disable several unnecessary modules for the sake of other’s correctness. But it is hardly possible in practice. In other respects… it all depends. The positive dynamics is obvious. And we hope it will continue.
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