What should know a good Magento programmer?

What should know a good Magento programmer?

Talking about Magento development we cannot ignore human element. Online shop quality the same as deadlines adhering depends on Magento programmers’ qualification. It is usually taken for granted that Magneto developer should be witty, intelligent and ready to complete non-standard tasks. But these characteristics are common for all the developers. And what is specific knowledge Magento programmer must have?

There are several components of Magento platform that Magento developers should be acquainted with. One of them is Magento layouts. It helps customize the products or change a page style without making code corrections.
Another thing every Magento developer can facilitate his work with is Event-Observer methodology. It presupposes events building in the main areas of the flaw. Then using these events makes adding amendments simpler without touching Magento core. Collections are a very useful aspect of Magento, especially if Magento developer has a task to create his own module. Managing, making improvements and changes in the backend part of the shop is much more efficient with Magento AdminHTML. The work of Magento developer can become much easier and faster with Zend framework. So Magento programmers should be familiar with its functioning. It has a lot of useful components such as Zend_Cache or Zend_Log.
In a word, a list of technologies and methodologies are offered for Magento programmers to raise Magento development efficiency. And the main requirement for the developers is to learn and discover more and more new ways to write code of a highest quality in a creative manner.

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