What should be paid attention to while choosing an outsourcing partner?

What should be paid attention to while choosing an outsourcing partner?

Outsourcing cooperation is a perfect method of cost optimization and getting any type of software for affordable rate and of the highest quality. To obtain all the benefits of international outsourcing a person who plans to add it to their business scheme should become proficient in
the art of choosing the right outsourcing agency.
What are the main features of the perfect outsourcing company?

Of course, it depends on the specificity of the IT project that is planned to be outsourced, budget and expectations for the final result. And the company which is perfect for one customer can be far from ideal for another client. But there are some common requirements for IT outsourcing
companies, and their implementation will guarantee reliability of a contractor as well as excellent quality and timeliness of the code delivery.
1. Agency vs Freelancers. Asking independent developers for help can save much money, without any doubt. But the risk is rising in a correspondence with costs economizing. The rate of a solid outsourcing company is somewhat higher than the price per hour of a freelancer. But in
fact this extra payment even saves time and money because the customer can be sure of keeping deadlines, building robust code and availability for post release support. Looking for extremely cheep freelancer can lead to additional charges for further amendments of the code or even rebuilding it from scratch.
2. Geographical position. It is not a secret that international dispersion of intellectual resources is the main reason for IT outsourcing map forming. Traditional destination is South and Western Asia. But for the past decade the outsourcing geographical structure has changed in favor of Eastern Europe region. Its time zone is much more comfortable for the clients from America and especially Western Europe. And at the moment everybody knows that Eastern European developers are smart, intelligent, creative and initiative.
3. Knowledge and professionalism. Outsourcing is not a compromise between the product cost and quality. Do not consent to it! There are experts among outsourcing agencies who are able to provide their clients with software, mobile or web solutions of uncompromising quality level.

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