What is the reason to have Magento mobile theme?

What is the reason to have Magento mobile theme?

As of today, internet shopping is a common tendency. ECommerce market is constantly growing. It means that a lot of people are searching for goods online and at the same time the competition between online traders gets higher and higher. So internet shops’ owners use all their creativity to attract customers. Magento eCommerce platform gives a brilliant opportunity to customize individual themes. Now, with moving forward to mobile world with Magento Mobile we are thinking of originality accent of the native applications. Magento Mobile allows creating apps for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. Magento Mobile extension contains several optional versions for applications design. But talking about the competition we understand that uniqueness is a necessary part of success. So a special mobile Magento theme is a must for being sure of the application luck. Besides the Magento mobile theme peculiarity it might have a list of advantages:

– user-friendly interface
– multipage support
– intuitive and simple navigation
– handy large fonts and buttons
– device rotation support
– products reviews and comments
– possibility to change layout or design
Some features of either Android or iPhone Magento theme can be created and added especially for applications of our clients’ shops. It is obvious that it is time to mobilize online stores to present online trade business at mobile space so that the customers could do their shopping everywhere they want. And to make the app bright and handy don’t forget about a good Magento mobile theme.

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