Using Gift Cards in your Magento store

Online shopping has dramatically changed consumer shopping behavior. People no longer have to leave their homes and spend much time and efforts while trying to find something they need, they can do it from the comfort of their couch.

Moreover, shopping for gifts which might be a stressful task can be now simplified by using gift cards. They can also reduce the chances of embarrassment of the gift giver and disappointment of the gift recipient. Therefore, gift card (gift voucher, gift coupon, gift certificate) functionality is a must-have feature for any online store.

How it works

A variety of extensions allow implementation of gift card functionality in any Magento based store. Customers purchase gift cards and receive special coupon codes that can be sent to their friends. Gift card receivers will go to your store, pick up the product they like and use their coupon codes as a payment method or as a discount, if the selected product’s cost is more than coupon’s value.

Why to use

  • You can make your Magento store more user-friendly by making your consumers feel comfortable in many possible shopping situations (for those shopping for gifts, gift cards offer a quick and convenient solution to shop for more people spending much less time).
  • Gift cards are easy to sell (no shipping required, easy and immediate delivery).

  • Adding gift card functionality to your Magento store can improve your customer service, engage more users and convert them from one-time visitors to regular customers.

  • Gift cards can be used by merchants for giving store credit it can generate loyalty by rewarding customers and motivate them to return.

  • Gift cards proved to be a powerful marketing tool helping merchants increase sales especially during pre-holiday seasons.

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