Top 5 Ecommerce Development Companies in London

Top 5 Ecommerce Development Companies in London

In the heart of Europe, London stands as a beacon of commerce, innovation, and opportunity. The city's bustling streets, rich history, and cosmopolitan charm make it a prime location for businesses to thrive, especially in the realm of e-commerce.

Approximately one-fourth of the global population, which stands at 7.7 billion, prefers to shop online. An online storefront not only offers convenience but also empowers customers to browse, compare, and purchase your products with ease.

As the demand for online shopping continues to soar, businesses are on the lookout for reliable e-commerce development companies to help them navigate the digital landscape. No matter your industry, integrating an e-commerce strategy can unlock limitless business potential and opportunities. If you're in search of the leading e-commerce development firms in London, we've got you covered.

Choosing the Right E-commerce Development Agency

Selecting the right e-commerce development agency is a pivotal decision that can shape the trajectory of your online venture. Here are some factors to consider:

Experience and Expertise. Look for agencies with a proven track record in e-commerce development. Their past projects can give you insights into their capabilities.

Technical Proficiency. Ensure the agency is adept at using the latest technologies and platforms relevant to your needs.

Customization Capabilities. Your e-commerce platform should be unique to your brand. Opt for agencies that offer tailored solutions rather than cookie-cutter approaches.

Client Testimonials. Reviews and testimonials can provide a glimpse into the agency's reliability, professionalism, and client satisfaction levels. Such as Clutch or GoodFirms.

Post-Launch Support. E-commerce platforms require regular updates and maintenance. Ensure the agency offers robust post-launch support and services.

Request Cost and Timeline Estimates. This allows you to gauge their efficiency and compare their pricing structure with others, ensuring you get value for your investment.

Evaluate the Team Size. Understanding the size of the agency's team can give you insights into their capacity and the volume of clients they handle. A larger team might indicate a broader client base, showcasing their experience and reliability in the industry.

Founded in 2008, SoftLoft is a top e-commerce developer. Create custom online shopping solutions that match a brand's style and meet their customers' needs. Their team is skilled in using platforms like Shopify, Magento by Adobe, Bigcommerce, and Salesforce. With years of experience, SoftLoft ensures up-to-date and user-friendly results for every project.

SoftLoft offers full-cycle ecommerce project development, strategy consulting, customer experience design, and a dedicated ecom development teams for hire, among other services.


1.ㅤ Ecommerce end-to-end solutions:

  • Ecommerce consulting
  • Discovery and WorkShops
  • Ecommerce audit
  • User Experience (UX) and Design
  • Delivery
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Support and Maintenance

2. Dedicated team services
3. Custom development
4. Mobile development

Founded: 2008

Employees: 50 – 249

Located: London

Ziffity, a prominent name in London's e-commerce development scene, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to crafting platforms that prioritize the user experience. Their portfolio boasts a diverse range of projects, catering to various industries, from fashion to tech.

What sets Ziffity apart is their dedication to understanding the brand ethos of their clients and reflecting it in the digital solutions they provide. Their team is constantly updated with the latest technological trends, ensuring that their clients always get a platform that's both modern and efficient.


  • E-Commerce Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing

Founded: 2014

Employees: 50 – 249

Located: London

Byte Technology, a trailblazer in London's e-commerce development sector, is celebrated for its forward-thinking and innovative digital solutions. Their collaborative approach involves a deep dive into the client's vision, ensuring that the end product is a true reflection of the brand's identity.

Beyond just creating platforms, Byte Technology offers post-launch support and insights, helping brands navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.


  • E-Commerce Development
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Strategy

Founded: 2001

Employees: 10 – 49

Located: London

Superco, with its longstanding history in the e-commerce domain, has become synonymous with reliability and creativity in London. Their team, comprising seasoned professionals, brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that every project is executed to perfection.

They pride themselves on their flexibility, offering solutions across a range of e-commerce platforms, from Shopify to Magento.


  • E-Commerce Development90%
  • Email Marketing

Founded: 2019

Employees: 10 – 49

Located: London

CodeNinja Consulting, while rounding off our list, is by no means the least. This agency has made waves in London's e-commerce sector with its unique blend of creativity and technical acumen. Their projects stand out for their visual appeal, but beyond aesthetics, they deliver on functionality and user experience.

CodeNinja's team is passionate about staying ahead of the curve, constantly updating their skills to ensure that their clients get a platform that's in line with the latest trends.


  • Custom Software Development
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • AI Development
  • Cloud Consulting & SI
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Mobile App Development

Founded: 2019

Employees: 150 - 249

Located: London

In Conclusion

Choosing the right e-commerce development company can be the difference between a successful online venture and a missed opportunity. London, with its vibrant business ecosystem, is home to several agencies that promise to transform your e-commerce vision into reality. However, it's essential to partner with an agency that understands your vision, shares your passion, and has the expertise to deliver.

SoftLoft stands out as a leader in this domain, but it's always a good idea to explore and find the perfect fit for your business. If you're ready to embark on your e-commerce journey in London, get in touch with SoftLoft for a personalized project plan tailored to your needs.

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