Top 10 Magento Themes You Can Use for Free to Head Start Your Online Store

Top 10 Magento Themes You Can Use for Free to Head Start Your Online Store

Did you know that roughly about 60% of potential customers are more likely to pay more attention to something with a beautiful representation rather than to something displayed plainly? More figures say that for 94% of buyers, the e-shop design should be more than just beautiful but easy to navigate as well.

These are just two stats showcasing the importance of a well-thought-out choice of theme for your online store. Here we have a list of 10 Magento themes free for different businesses. Stay tuned to be aware of the most relevant trends in the e-commerce sector!

Why Not Start with a Premium Template Right Away?

Yet, before we start exploring the best Magento free templates, let us clarify one simple thing — there’s no need to make your online shop get-go with a paid template with all premium functionality available. Here are the key reasons why:

Magento offers a very rich and diverse catalog of free themes;

  1. As a beginner, you might need to master the basic features of online store management first;
  2. The basic store functionality is available with free templates — premium features are for pros not for starters;
  3. Save initial investments to channel them into more relevant areas of your business further on;
  4. Some free templates offer certain premium features for you to understand whether you even need them before buying.
  5. With these statements displayed, let’s get down to the best e-commerce themes Magento offers for free.

F2: Compete with Trendsetters on Equal Terms

What makes F2 more user-friendly compared to the default templates is that this theme’s header features a full-width carousel slider. Below, is the clean main section where storeowners can split up their products into different categories, which makes this theme quite convenient to navigate and search for stuff. To make it even easier, the developers added the filter feature for the category page.

The design of the theme looks quite classy, which, on the other hand, might slightly limit the display of products. F2 is mostly utilized by stores selling fashionable clothes.

Ketty: Conquer the Clothes Niche

If you prefer a more minimalistic design and the items in your online store are not as fashionable, Ketty might be a perfect option for you. With readable fonts and a straightforward layout, it ensures seamless navigation. A less classy-looking design makes it a good platform to display all sorts of clothes, not only fashionable items. Ketty offers the Ajax cart, which is considered a premium feature for many templates. Thanks to it, your potential buyers won’t need to reload the website to add more items. Thus, Ketty is your way to enhance your user navigation experience for free.

FitBody: Target Sports Enthusiasts

This Magento 2 free theme was developed to target the sports enthusiastic audience. Except for a clear target, this also means that you can display all sorts of products related to sports — from equipment to sportswear.

With the FitBody template, you can be sure that you’ll be able to display your special offers to newly coming customers. This can be done with a product carousel on the main page. Then, you can forget about the concerns about the loss of audience due to the lack of user experience. FitBody developers have integrated their pattern with Bootstrap, enabling it to cleanly load on devices regardless of their resolutions.

Men's & Women's: Reach Everyone

What makes this template Magento free theme stand out from other options in this list is that it offers a mega menu instead of a sticky menu. In simple words, a sticky menu is a drop-down catalog of different sections on the website. What makes it inferior to the mega menu is that with the least one, a user can get virtually to any page of the store in just one click.

Here are some other notable features of Men’s & Women’s:

  • Its visual design isn’t supposed to attract any specific category — male or female — it’s rather neutral;
  • Rich Parallax integration - when the upper layer of content moves, while the background stands still;
  • The possibility of adding a motion background;

Ves Bakerop: Make Customers Feel Hungry

Imagery is quite important when you intend to motivate users to buy your products. While owners of clothes stores can also leverage other characteristics of their products, bakery stores have to pay maximum effort to attract buyers visually. This becomes easier with the appetizing skins of the Ves Bakerop template.

If visitors find your pastry visually appealing, they don’t have to look for the product page as the pattern enables product quick views, which helps customers to make fewer clicks. Also, the template is set to translate its content and automatically adjust the reading direction to the right-to-left mode. With this, you can reach more clients abroad.

Ves Kasitoo: Display Furniture Items Effectively

If you sell furniture and want your buyers to see every detail of the item 100% clearly, opt for themes incorporating Retina Display Design. This feature ensures the correct display on a high-resolution screen, which guarantees a top-notch customer experience.

Retina Display Design is just one of many functions of the Vest Kasitoo Magento template design you can utilize without a premium plan:

  • A wide selection of filtering tools;
  • Hot deals displayed on a user-friendly carousel;
  • Simple checkout procedures;
  • The control board for administrators is optimized to be used on smartphones.

Ves Shoppy: Become More Competitive in the Clothes Niche

In search of top-tier Magento ecommerce themes? Consider Ves Shoppy. Boasting a Bootstrap v3-based responsive design, it provides an array of stunning features. It enhances UX with various item display choices and simplifies shopping with its Ajax Cart functionality. Moreover, tailoring the template becomes effortless with the sophisticated panel.

Greyscale: Display Anything You Can Sell

Perhaps, you’ve already noticed that the majority of e-commerce Magento templates here are oriented on a specific niche. This is not the case for Greyscale, which can be utilized to create a website for a department store. What makes this theme so good for selling any products from smartphones to jewelry?

  1. Neutral colors;
  2. Different skins are available to adjust to your specific niche or brand;
  3. The possibility of adding conversion-generating banners;
  4. Cross-sells can be adjusted.

Trex: Offer Content and Products for Cycling Enthusiasts

This template showcases a primary color scheme of deep, rich backgrounds paired with vibrant red accents, complemented by five alternative color themes. The theme comes bundled with several free extensions, including Slideshows, Product Lists, and Sliders. Additionally, Trex enhances navigation with a robust MegaMenu and an off-canvas menu specifically designed for mobile interfaces.

Necessary: Build an Attractive Design for an E-store of Any Type

Considered No1-place in the list of the best Magento 2 themes, Necessary is your best choice if you don’t intend to cover any specialized niche. Its cutting-edge administration module is the feature that makes Necessary so popular. As a store owner, you can freely adjust the Advance CMS Static Block, the section of bestsellers of newly added products, and the Ajax cart. Many other templates, including the ones from the list above, offer these features in premium versions only.

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