PHP framework development vs CMS

PHP framework development vs CMS

PHP web development is intended for realization of a wide variety of projects. The specificity of the projects defines the methods and technologies for web developers. There is a common question: what to use – CMS or PHP framework development? People who vote for PHP frameworks, especially Zend framework developers, appreciate its possibility to add a lot of modifications to the project. Zend framework development gives absolute freedom in server-side part of the web project implementation.

One of the main advantages of Zend framework as one of the most popular PHP frameworks is its decoupled structure. It allows to combine Zend with components of other technologies, to take only some Zend elements as individual libraries or even to use it as a “glue framework”. Of course Zend programming requires much more time and efforts to complete the project than PHP CMS’s: Joomla!, WordPress or Drupal. At the same time it suggests wider circle of possibilities than any of them. Thus Zend or other PHP framework should be used for large projects with a lot of customization and non-standard issues to solve.
In case of a blog, a little personal or a small business site creation, CMS is more preferable due to simplicity of its utilization that leads to decrease of deadlines and a budget sum. In conclusion, we can sum up the above. The result of a choice between PHP framework and CMS depends only on the specificity of the given problem. Scale and purpose of the needed web solution define the ways of its development.

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