Outsourcing to Ukraine. Recent years

Outsourcing to Ukraine. Recent years

Outsourcing in Ukraine flourishes and grows, and this process is marked by the index of working specialists in IT outsourcing that reached 21,000 in 2010. In 2011, the volume of IT outsourcing services market indicated the raise of 20% and became 1.1 billion USD. Analysts predict the record-
braking results in 2012.

Another important factor is the quantity of companies working in IT outsourcing in Ukraine. And this quantity is continuously increasing. The number of such agencies was registered as more than 1000 in 2011. However, the main part of them are small or middle sized. Large companies are forming at the moment.
Sweeping development of Ukrainian outsourcing market is assured by multiple factors: excellent work quality, brilliant language skills, good business infrastructure, opportune time zones. The main point is, of course, high quality of services and perfect understanding of business demands shown by Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies.
We can observe enlargement of the need for IT specialists because of IT outsourcing marke  development. It leads to some growth of prices for IT services. But they are still much less than the price for the same services in the countries of traditional outsourcing clients location: North America,
Europe and Australia.
The quantity of IT specialists amounted to 25,000 people in 2011, what means 20% growth of the IT field in comparison with 2010. And we expect even more considerable growth as approximately 16,000 talented young specialists are graduating every year from Ukrainian institutes of higher education. Ukrainian government tends to organize favourable conditions for outsourcing sector of the country, so all the necessary prerequisites for Ukrainian outsourcing development are created.

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