Magento Speed Optimization

When the shop audience grows the issue of the site speed becomes more and more urgent. No doubt that high traffic is one of the most positive and optimistic parameters. But it makes the online store owner to face to necessity of Magento shop speed optimization. One can think that it is associated with complicated arrangements or some expensive activities.

But we can give you a list of quite simple tips that can help you to optimize the site speed without incredible efforts or costs:

  • If your business is oriented to a defined country, choose a hosting located in the same place. If the Magento online shop is global you should think of a little research (at least Google Analytics tool) to decide what location you may use as a hosting base.
  • Arrange a dedicated server for the Magento store.
  • There are a number of PHP accelerators, which can be used as speed optimization means. For example, ZendOptimizer+ is utilized by SOFTLOFT in a line with other Zend Framework tools.
  • Make sure that only necessary Apache modules are installed. It is a great temptation tooverload a shop with a plenty of add-ons. But remember that they can considerably brake the Magento store functioning.
  • The same speed optimization tip concerns any extensions. Be sure that you have installed only those extensions you actually regularly use. You can disable unnecessary ones from the System bar.
  • Too many different external sources can also brake the shop speed. To raise it minimize redirects and external images, iframes or feeds.
  • Keep upgrading your shop to the latest Magento edition. Besides getting more features and bug- and security fixes, you get your Magento shop performed better.
  • Minimize usage of JavaSript.
  • Take advantages of all Magento Caches. They are adjustable from the System bar.

Now you see that it is not quite difficult to optimize a Magento-based online store speed. If you still need some qualified help or you have some questions feel free to ask SOFTLOFT.

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