Magento integration with 3d part applications

The best way to broaden your horizons is using all advantages that are available. Let’s examine some pluses that Magento integration with 3rd part systems can offer. Magento integration with applications like CRM or ERP (using API) allows to raise your store possibilities and to bring its flexibility to absolutely new level. For example, you have an off-line store. Stocks are calculated using CRM system, at the same time the storehouse is common for your off-line and internet shops. So the off-line shop orders are arranged by CRM, the internet shop clients are served by the web site admin panel. In the issue such a mess you have! And it is very difficult to be controlled. NB: we haven’t yet mentioned invoice, delivery and client care management. When integrate all this points we get a number of benefits. Actions that are registered in one system are automatically duplicated in another one. That is, if some unit was bought in your on- line shop, it is surely fixed in your storehouse documentation. And the CRM receives all the information about the order, client data and so on. Using API this scheme is rather easy to implement. Competent solution will be a great stimulus for your business growth. But remember that security is extremely important! To increase your business efficiency instead of getting problems, make sure that you deal with eCommerce development experts.
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