Magento extension requirements for Magneto Connect store approval

Magento extension requirements for Magneto Connect store approval

Magento extensions can be developed for a long list of areas. These areas include Magento functionality and 3rd parties integration as well.
While development of an extension one should remember several important rules. It will help during further approval process for Magento Connect. The question that is very significant for majority of developers is the extension price. Of course, it must correlate with the Magento extension usefulness. And don’t forget that if the extension is presented in several places (developer’s web sites, Magento Connect and so on) any price fluctuation is strictly forbidden.

The extension must be followed by a link to itself on Magento Connect. All the information about price, support, warranty and contacts must be provided accurately. At the same time Magento Connect can be used only for Magento extensions, the marketplace doesn’t allow any other projects.

The extension name is also a point of interest. For example, the words “Enterprise” or “EE”, “Enterprise Edition” may be used only by Magento Partners. Otherwise, these words can not be included by the extension name. The word “Magento” cannot be utilized in the name in any case.
Magento logo should also be used carefully so that it would be clear that the software isn’t developed by Magento.

The proper packaging is very important for Magento extension placement to Magento Connect. The biggest part of problems during changing an extension status to Submitted is connected with incorrect packaging. There are some tips that can help you finish a Magento extension package successfully:

– Choose Magento version ( & Later or Pre-

– Package name must be the same as the name of the extension. NB: the name is case sensitive.

– License and License URI are the same unless a different license is planned to be used.

– Extension release details must be specified straightforwardly.

– The user field must be the same as the user name of Magento account.

– Specify correctly the path to the extension files.

So, with our simple hints your extension will be submitted to Magento Connect successfully!

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