How to make your Magento site faster

How to make your Magento site faster

We have already posted an article on this subject. But the issue is so sensitive that we decided to discuss it again in more detail. Magento eCommerce platform allows building very complex and sophisticated solutions. On the one hand, it is an obvious advantage as competition
at online store market is really tough, and feature richness gives incontestable competitive edges. On the other hand the complexity leads to requirements rise and Magento-based sites work slowdown. The question appears: how can Magento developers combine the main Magento
characteristic – functional saturation – and optimal speed of the online shop working? If the business scale has already grown considerably think of getting a dedicated server instead of buying a hosting. Even if the hosting is competently located and its technical characteristics are good enough for satisfactory functioning of the Magento online store, a private car with a climate control and headrests is much better than public transport in rush hours. It is the optimization way that requires additional costs but the effectiveness return may be even higher than expectable.

Another Magento site optimization method is CSS and JavaScript files confluence. There are some special techniques e.g. Fooman Speedster that not only combines CSS and JS files but archives them in .gzip format as well. Average speeding-up gets up to 50 per cent. Magento platform offers Magento Cache system. Feel free to use it but remember that all the expansions must be adjusted before the cache turning on. Absolutely simple and practical tip is to minimize the dynamical elements of the Magento shop homepage. The newly appeared resources will be directed to other site needs and will raise its speed.
The solution that can transform bulky directory structures of a standard Magento site to one single directory is e.g. Magento Complier. This method gives the best result when it is usedfor slow hosting acceleration.
You are welcome to borrow our hints without embarrassment and or to be creative enough to invent your own ones. In any case don’t let your Magento product’s complexity steal its speed.

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