How much does “cheap development” cost?

How much does “cheap development” cost?

Outsourcing has become a well-known way of rational money use and enlisting developers of the highest qualification to the business of a person who understands outsourcing benefits. However, money saving cannot be unlimited. Of course, costs decrease without quality losses can be achieved until a definite price point. There are plenty of IT outsourcing agencies and private developers (mostly from Asia) who offer their services at very low value. The most significant issue to think of is what can be reached for ridiculous price? There is an illusory chance to get the code of satisfactory quality almost in time. But a customer must be pretty lucky for such a result. Usually an attempt to economize on software development
more than reasonable ends with time wasting and paying even more, e.g. for recoding from the very beginning with a new developer.

Choosing an outsourcing contractor remember that international price differences exist, but miracles don’t. If a customer pays almost nothing, he accordingly gets almost nothing. So a respectful IT outsourcing agency can help save much money in comparison with hiring a similar staff in house, but the price shouldn’t be suspiciously low. It is no more possible to hire a skilled Magento professional at 15 dollars per hour. The only chance is to choose a freelancer, but we know that it will possibly entail great difficulties with communication and responsibility.
Dear friends, appreciate your time, money and software quality. Here at SOFTLOFT we can answer all you questions and guarantee excellent result at a reasonable price.

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