How do we get our experience in Magento theme development?

How do we get our experience in Magento theme development?

High qualification in Magento theme development is a result of a long time of experience and hard work. What is our way of gaining Magento development skills? Magento is famous for its very good and solid documentation. A lot of data concerning Magento development, particularly
Magento theme development, can be found in official Magento manuals. It helps search for the answers on the development current questions. In the official documents also all the news, releases, updates, new features and tools information is placed.

Of course the theoretical descriptions are not enough to be an expert. Another our source of professionalism in Magento theme development is our experience and a lot of previous practice. Building lots of Magento themes our Magento developers polish their technical skills, aesthetic taste and Magento site structure understanding.
Most of our customers who already have a Magento theme from SOFTLOFT and start up new online store businesses, ask us for another theme for a new shop. The brilliant reputation helps us cooperate with more and more clients and at the same time broaden our experience. With every new Magento theme the level of our developers’ qualification raises. We have created a number of Magento themes for small, middle and large online stores of many different assortment focuses.
If you are looking for a Magento development team with a profound expertise, you have already found it!

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