How choose Magento Store Hosting

How choose Magento Store Hosting

After Magento store development the main question is, what hosting should be chosen to guarantee correct work of the site? Let’s examine the basic features of an appropriate hosting. It must support all Magento requirements and functionality. The system requirements of Magento are quite extensive, it needs at least PHP 5.2.0 extended with MCrypt, PDO MySQL and SimpleXML. As for the database, at least MySQL 4.1.20 with InnoDB storage engine is expected.

Magento installation should be available as easy as possible. Certain of hostings offer automatic Magento installation. Check also Magento version suggested by the hosting to install. In the best case choose the provider with currently updated latest edition. All Magento themes, plug ins, modules and templates should be combined in a support pack. Another feature that can be considered as useful one is marketing tools integration, server monitoring. It gives developers and Magento shops owners a possibility to promote the site and to monitor the results.
Make sure that your hosting can give you an opportunity to assure traffic upgrade with your site growth. As for the price, it must be analyzed in comparison with advantages and opportunities given by the hosting provider. Different payment programs and schedules are available. And the choice is made by yourself at the end.
We can recommend a hosting that is proved by our own experience – Rakspace. It combines most of mentioned necessary requirements and satisfies our Magento sites development needs.

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