Historical Aspect of Outsourcing to Ukraine

«Outsourcing» definition was created not so long ago. Just several years have passed since the word was invented. But such a service was appeared much earlier.

Outsourcing development was started in post-Soviet countries right after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. There were accounting agencies, PR & marketing companies among the first Ukrainian outsourcing contractors. Then it was turn of IT sector.

IT outsourcing in Ukraine has been developing very actively during recent decade. The maximum index was achieved in 2011, and it was equal to 1 billion dollars. The main reason that allowed such a bursting growth was a prominent scientific school inherited from Soviet Union.

It should be mentioned that the amount of outsourcing to Ukraine has been multiplied 10 times for the latest 10 years. Even during the world financial crisis the sphere income was growing 30-40 per cent annually. Majority of research agencies are sure that Ukraine is a very attractive outsourcing destination and it has great prospects.

Significant demand for outsourcing services was historically caused in the countries of Western Europe, USA and Australia. And the demand is much higher than the size of Ukrainian IT outsourcing market. It is the reason of the huge Ukrainian outsourcing potential.

At the moment Ukrainian outsourcing market is under active development as it allows reducing costs from 2 to 3 times, concentrating on the company growth instead of business processes control, getting IT services of the highest quality and using all the management innovations.

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