What we expect from Magento 2.0

What we expect from Magento 2.0

The date of Magento 2.0 release is constantly approaching, so it is more and more timely to plan our future work using Magento 2.0 version.
Of course it is impossible to rewrite Magento platform from the very beginning. However there is no need to change everything because Magento 1.x is already an excellent eCommerce platform. And Magento developers tended to implement its refactoring and enhancement. One of new features is automatic testing including unit tests and functional tests. Another target is further development of Magento modularity. Even Magento 1.x is based on modules principle but it doesn’t give all the necessary freedom to change and amend current functionality. But the main point Magento 2.0 should be improved is system efficiency acceleration. Magento system has plenty of users so the efficiency issue continuously raises its importance.

Magento development simplification is also one of priorities. This facilitation will concern both front end (based on jQuery library) and back end. Besides using Zend framework as a main source of library components, a Magento developer will deal with Magento Framework e.g. for themes creation or modules manipulation. Very important point is incompatibility of Magento 2.0 with previous versions. Magento evolution in new version is considerable. To make it easier for developers to change their approach, Magento has presented Magento 2.0 code as publicly accessible and every developer can find detailed documentation for Magento 2.0.
New module Multi-marketplace is now being realized. It will support eBay integration as one of basic Magento functions. In future the list of marketplaces may be supplemented with Amazon and others.
So Magento 2.0 is a steady step forward for eCommerce development and online trade business growth.

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