Economic efficiency of outsourcing in Ukraine

To make a decision to choose outsourcing way of corporate development business owner goes through several stages. One of them is analytics of economic efficiency that can be reached by using outsourcing. Let us help you to take a look at economic side of inviting remote qualified team. First of all, average price per hour of one IT (including Magento) specialist’s work in Ukraine is 2- 3 times less than the same in Western Europe or USA. Costs for communication and coordination are negligibly small in comparison with that huge savings. At the same time the quality of the code is at least not worse than of the code created by the developers located in other countries. In the best case customer finds a contractor with whom he works over the years on long-term basis and gets the brilliant product of any complexity within defined deadlines. Of course customers should be very careful while choosing a developer. No doubt that an agency is much more reliable than an individual programmer. IT outsourcing company guarantees the quality and timeliness of the final result by its name and reputation. Moreover, location of the outsourcing partner is also extremely important. There are plenty of developers in South Asia and sometimes they provide their clients with satisfactory work. But for people from Western world contractors from Europe are much more preferable because of mental similarity that leads to more effective work. For clients from Western Europe this issue is especially topical because they get all the bonuses of common time zone and mentality working with developers from Eastern Europe. So outsourcing to Ukraine is a certain point to take into account thinking of your business rapid development and growth.
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