BigCommerce vs Shopify: Which Integrates Better with Amazon's Buy with Prime?

SHOPIFY VS BigCommerce

Can you even picture life without Amazon? Just a blink ago, in the grand scheme of things, Amazon was a budding online bookstore. Fast forward to today, and it's the titan of eCommerce, casting a vast shadow far beyond its platform. So, if you're a business, big or small, you're probably itching to dive into this colossal online pool. But here's the catch: it's a crowded pool. How do you make your splash and not just a tiny ripple? Your choice of eCommerce platform can be your game-changer. BigCommerce and Shopify are two hot contenders that offer a smooth integration with Amazon's sales channel.

Dive into this article, and let's dissect the features and perks of each platform to guide your choice.

Did you know there are over 200 million paid Amazon Prime subscribers globally? Check out this mind-blowing stats. Meet Derek, one of these subscribers. He's the brain behind Derek Rose, a niche eCommerce venture focusing on men's apparel. While his BigCommerce-powered website is buzzing, he's on the hunt for fresh sales avenues.

Whether you're a mammoth brand or a startup, Amazon is your playground. Especially with the Amazon Buy With Prime program. For the big players, it's almost a given. But for the smaller champs like Derek Rose, it's a golden ticket. Picture this: Prime shoppers on Amazon, eyes darting around, and then they spot the Prime badge. It's like a beacon, making brands like Derek Rose shine brighter amidst the niche crowd.

Derek is trying to leverage that differentiator. He’s just getting started in the Amazon Buy With Prime program, aiming to boost online sales and conversions. His Amazon Prime orders are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or directly from his warehouse.

So what does Derek – or you, as a business owner or CTO – need to know about the Amazon Buy With Prime program?

  • What is the Amazon Buy With Prime program?
  • Why should you engage with Amazon Buy With Prime?
  • How can you dive in?
  • Merging your Amazon Buy With Prime with your eCommerce platform Harnessing BigCommerce and Shopify for Amazon Buy With Prime
  • Face-off: The final call

What is the Amazon Buy With Prime program?

The Prime program provides members with perks, discounts, and expedited shipping. The Buy With Prime badge gives products an edge over others. Additionally, the Prime program introduces members to distinctive offerings from smaller enterprises, adding to its advantages.

Derek is keen on utilizing the Prime badge, recognizing that Prime members tend to be frequent Amazon shoppers. “46% of Amazon Prime subscribers make online purchases leveraging their subscription benefits at least once a week. Meanwhile, a mere 13% of non-Prime Amazon patrons shop weekly.”

How much you spend on Amazon in past 12 months

Amazon Buy With Prime can significantly boost sales for Derek Rose and similar small enterprises. Amazon's annual Prime Day sale propels revenue towards novel products. In 2022, Amazon recorded an impressive USD 12 billion sales during Amazon Prime Day. This presents a golden chance, especially for smaller ventures that don't have the allure of larger brands in their segment.

Benefits of Amazon Buy With Prime

1. Reach a Broader Audience:

Amazon Prime members form a vast and devoted clientele. Their purchasing frequency and spending on Amazon are notably higher.

2. Gain Prominence:

The Amazon Buy With Prime badge amplifies product visibility. This badge highlights products offering superior deals to Prime members.

3. Elevate Trustworthiness:

The Amazon Prime brand carries significant prestige. Shoppers tend to have more confidence in Prime products compared to other marketplace offerings.

4. Boost Conversions:

Prime members are exceptionally active and engaged buyers. With the assurance of swift, free shipping and no unforeseen charges, cart abandonment diminishes, enhancing the conversion rate.

Getting Started with Amazon Buy With Prime

Step 1: Set Up an Amazon Seller Account

Initiate by setting up an Amazon Seller account. Certain prerequisites need to be met, such as having a Professional selling plan and maintaining high-performance metrics. Review the criteria here.

Step 2: Enroll in the Program

Currently, the Seller-Fulfilled Prime program isn't accepting new enrollments. However, you can register for the waitlist.

Amazon seller fulfilled prime

Step 3: Product Selection and Fulfillment

Navigate to the 'Manage FBA Inventory' page on your Amazon seller account. Highlight the items you wish to enlist in the program. Decide if you want Amazon to handle the fulfillment of your Prime products or if you'd prefer direct shipping from your storage facility.

Step 4: Monitor Performance

Amazon's dashboard allows you to track your performance. It's crucial to adhere to specific metrics (like product defect rate, punctuality, and order cancellations). Consistently meeting Amazon's benchmarks is essential to retain your position in the Buy With Prime initiative.

Integrating Amazon Buy With Prime with your eCommerce Platform

SHOPIFY VS BigCommerce

To enhance your online sales, seamlessly integrate Amazon Buy With Prime with your eCommerce platform. Both BigCommerce and Shopify provide innate integration capabilities with Amazon Pay and Amazon Buy With Prime. Derek chose BigCommerce, but he also delved deep into Shopify before finalizing his decision. Let's delve into both.

To set up Amazon Buy With Prime, head to your platform's settings. However, ensure you've set up Amazon Pay first. Within the platform's settings, you can establish both integrations. Input your Amazon Seller credentials and configure accordingly.

Before officially launching, it's crucial to rigorously test the integrations. Execute test orders and validate them. Once confirmed, you can roll it out on your eCommerce platform. Consider updating your site's design to incorporate the Buy With Prime logo and related messaging. Modify your site's checkout process to integrate the new payment method. The exact procedure might differ based on your chosen platform. Consult the platform's documentation for detailed guidance.

Both BigCommerce and Shopify furnish native and external tools and integrations, enabling you to harness the full potential of Amazon Buy With Prime.

Creating an Amazon Sales Channel:

Directly from your eCommerce store, you can establish, list, and oversee Amazon product listings through the Amazon Sales Channel integration. This allows you to incorporate eligible Amazon Buy With Prime badges and listings. With real-time synchronization of both sales channels, managing inventory and orders becomes a breeze.

Setting up Amazon Pay:

Both Shopify and BigCommerce support native Amazon Pay integrations. Amazon Pay provides a swift, secure checkout mechanism, allowing customers to finalize their purchases on your site using their Amazon account details. This ensures a smooth checkout experience, minimizing cart abandonment and boosting conversion rates.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA):

You have a dual choice for Amazon Buy With Prime - either sell from your own warehouse or utilize Amazon's fulfillment centers. Amazon oversees packaging, shipping, and customer service. Both BigCommerce and Shopify allow FBA setup through the Amazon Sales Channel integration.

BigCommerce vs. Shopify: The Final Verdict

When deciding between BigCommerce and Shopify for Amazon Buy With Prime integration, several factors come into play. What are your unique merchant requirements? What's the essence of your business?

Derek gravitated towards BigCommerce over Shopify. While both platforms are neck-to-neck regarding Amazon integrations (encompassing both Amazon Pay and Buy With Prime), BigCommerce has a slight edge in certain areas:

Customer Support: BigCommerce provides round-the-clock customer support across all plans, a significant advantage over Shopify, which charges extra for priority support.

Scalability & Customization: BigCommerce is adept at managing extensive stores with substantial traffic. It also offers superior design flexibility, allowing for easier tool and integration additions.

Cost-Effectiveness: For businesses with a high sales volume, BigCommerce might be more economical due to its lower transaction fees.

In essence, while both platforms are equipped with similar features, BigCommerce might be a more fitting choice for entrepreneurs like Derek who:

  • Seek extensive built-in functionalities
  • Desire a platform that scales effortlessly
  • Aim to economize on transaction fees in the long run

However, the optimal platform choice is contingent on your distinct needs and objectives.

Derek discerned that Amazon Buy With Prime significantly boosts conversions and revenue. By amalgamating with Amazon, he's accessing a broader audience and capitalizing on Amazon Prime perks. Although both BigCommerce and Shopify offer native Amazon integrations, BigCommerce stands out. It not only facilitates selling products via Amazon Buy With Prime but also boasts superior customer support, enhanced flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Engage with our team of BigCommerce and Shopify integration specialists to embark on your journey today!

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