Benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine

When it comes to outsourcing, one of the most challenging steps for many companies is to actually select the right outsourcing destination. Based on its industry growth and constant availability of educated and highly skilled IT experts, Ukraine has been recognized worldwide as a reliable IT outsourcing country. It is proved by the fact that since 2007 the country is included in Gartner’s TOP 30 outsourcing locations. What makes Ukraine a popular outsourcing destination for a considerable number of US and Western European countries?

Here are the basic benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine:

  1. In spite of increase in developers’ salaries, software development costs in Ukraine are significantly lower than in the USA and the EU which allows companies to save a considerable share of their budgets while still getting high quality services.
  2. Ukraine is known for its strong traditions of quality IT education, the country has a large number of technical universities preparing thousands of qualified specialists each year. It provides constant availability of resources.
  3. Ukraine has European culture, traditions, mentality and ways of thinking, besides, most of Ukrainian IT professionals speak fluent English. It ensures easy communication process and helps to avoid many possible misunderstandings.
  4. Western European countries can also benefit from no significant time difference and ease of traveling to Ukraine whenever they need to reach their IT teams.
  5. The country has a large number of professional outsourcing providers to choose from. Ukrainian companies have been providing outsourcing software development services for many years and have gained extensive experience working with complicated projects.

Considering all this, as well as the shortage of IT-resources in the local market, outsourcing to Ukraine might be a suitable and beneficial strategy. Many small, mid-sized and large businesses worldwide have already taken advantage of outsourcing their IT projects to Ukraine and the country still remains their reliable outsourcing partner with constant availability of ready-to-use qualified resources and modern infrastructure.

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