Allied Express Shipping extension for Magento

Magento is a powerful open source eCommerce platform that allows merchants to create flexible, scalable, highly functional and easily manageable online stores. Using a huge variety of extensions merchants can customize their online stores according to their specific needs and business objectives. Extensions can add new features, extend functionality, enhance user experience, help you manage your online store more effectively and much more. Merchants can either purchase ready-made extensions and integrate them into their Magento based stores or have them custom developed to suit particular requirements. SOFTLOFT Ukraine has been creating custom Magento modules and extensions for many years helping merchants to make their online stores more highly functional and user-friendly. One of our latest creations is Allied Express Shipping extension for Magento 1.5. and Magento 1.6. Allied Express is an Australian independently owned courier and express freight company with a huge fleet of over 1000 vehicles covering the entire country with fast express freight transport services. The company has offices in all major mainland capitals. A great number of individuals and companies in Australia have chosen Allied Express as their transport partner for local and national delivery. Allied Express Shipping extension developed by SOFTLOFT allows calculating shipping costs depending on the cargo dimensions such as length, width, height and weight as well as destination location. If you are looking to enhance your Magento store by integrating Allied Express Shipping API, SOFTLOFT has a ready-made solution for you.
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