Advantages of using Magento for developing eCommerce solutions

Launched in 2008, Magento is a powerful open source eCommerce platform that is widely used by merchants for building and running their online stores.

Magento has become a preferred choice for a huge number of small, medium and large merchants because it comes with plenty of advantages and extremely useful features needed for setting up and managing a successful online store. As compared to some other available open source eCommerce platforms, Magento offers greater flexibility allowing merchants to create highly customizable online stores to meet their specific business needs.

What makes Magento an ideal eCommerce platform for medium and large merchants?

  • Magento’s flexibility allows building feature-rich online stores due to a variety of available modules that can be modified and customized.
  • A huge library of extensions allows extending your online store according to your individual preferences.
  • Unlike other platforms Magento allows managing multiple stores using a single administration panel.
  • Magento provides easy site management and allows to easily upload a huge list of products.
  • Magento makes your online store extremely user friendly allowing your customers to conveniently categorize you products, search, compare products and review them.
  • Magento encloses SEO friendly features (such as unique titles and meta tags in every page) that help to increase search engine ranking.
  • Magento facilitates online marketing by generating RSS feeds for new products or services.
  • Magento integrates with Google analytics to help merchants track customer behavior.
  • Magento has low set-up and running cost which makes it a cost effective solution.

Magento can perfectly adapt to your unique product catalog and integrate with your business processes. Moreover, Magento has a huge active community of professional Magento developers and designers which makes it easier to get assistance from other Magento experts whenever needed.

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