Magento Support and Maintenance Services

Let SOFTLOFT and its certified experts take care of and support your Magento Business

Our key strength is consistency. We are there for you to consult, to develop and release, as well as to back you up once something goes off the road. This is life, things may turn 180° and SOFTLOFT will support your Magento store for any occasion.

Magento support and maintenance

Our technical support is proactive, reactive and flexible. The certified Magento experts have seen a thing or two with Magento stores and they know for certain that there is always a way out, no matter what circumstances you’re in.

DevsOps and server support

Our support also includes permanent automated monitoring of your servers and data flows. This ensures the highest level of speed, stability, consistency, availability, and security. We take care of stability, you have time to take care of growth.

Our support steps

Let’s look at how support tasks flow till it completion

Development at a Local Environment

For the sake of security, we first develop a task at a local environment and test it there also. Once we understand the task meets acceptance criteria - we push it forward, for others to check it too.

Code Quality Check

This is an automated process, which involves high-tech software. It takes place once we initiate a merge request for the update to appear in the repository.

Team Lead Check

This option is required for all important and/or critical updates. During the stage, a team lead or a project architect runs a manual code check to make sure the update is aligned with the current architecture and will not cause any inconveniences for further project scaling.

Deploy to Staging Server

After 2 levels of technical review, it’s time to see how the update works with the current online store. That’s why we deploy the update to the client's staging repository, where it merges with all modules, extensions, and integrations.

Quality Assurance

And the final stage - manual testing of working features. Our QA engineers will test the new update, as well as all related features, based on test cases to assure 100% capacity.

SOFTLOFT Magento Support Packages



40 hours / month


120 hours / month


160+ hours / month
Server and security monitoring
Performance and code monitoring
Magento security updates
Hours expire During 30 days During 30 days -
Basic QA
A developer tests the task locally and at the staging server
Basic development process
Any free developer will be tapped asap. Time to react - 24 hours.
Frontend bug detector
Our special feature, which runs permanently to detect any front-end bugs on the go
Slack support
We’re available through the most common channels. Slack integrations also allow you to create a ticket without contacting a manager.
E-Mail support
We love emails. Send us anything once you need to get in touch.
Dedicated manager
Dedicated developer
Advanced development process
Involves a dedicated developer, who’s already familiar with the project. Time to react - 1 hour.
DevOps and Server support
Includes back-ups, ongoing speed optimization, security updates, Firewall, IDS, CDN, Cloudflare, and many more.
Phone support
We’re available through the most common channels.
Out of office hours 6 hours 10 hours
$ 1800
I want
$ 4800
I want
contact us for your special proposition
I want

Security and Performance Monitoring

Front end bug detector


This is something that makes our Magento support and maintenance services stand out. All our clients get free of charge tools to ensure a stable, secure, and bug-free performance.  

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We have over 50+ support projects (We do both: Magento 1 and Magento 2 support), some of them last for years. High quality and client satisfaction mean the world to us. 

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