Fashion, Lingerie, Perfumery


Magento EE, Drupal, MySQL, PIMS, MCOM, COMS, RabbitMQ, JavaScript, Google Maps, CyberSource


Victoria’s Secret is a world-famous brand, best known for its women’s lingerie products and annual fashion show.

SOFTLOFT helped introduce the brand to the Middle East market in close cooperation with representatives from Magento (an Adobe Inc. company).

This involved a team of 4 working tenaciously to provide the Middle East with another wonderful brand of lingerie and cosmetics for women. In cooperation with the marketing department and brand representatives, our team managed to achieve a multitude of goals successfully. A significant part of the work involved making changes to the design and function of the catalog, as well as to the discount and promotion systems. Additionally, we assisted with the integration and promotion of products in Google Feeds and other marketing tools.

In our work, we made it a top priority to integrate external systems into the store’s online portal. These systems included PIMS (content and product management in 2 languages), COMS (order processing), and MCOM (order management). Additionally, it was important for us to make sure that the project was easily scalable, had top-level security protections, and operated flawlessly.

Working in conjunction with a team representing the client’s brand, SOFTLOFT effectively prepared the project for launch, and continues helping it grow and boosting sales even now. The future of the project looks bright and promising, with many big milestones ahead.