Entertainment and coupons


Magento EE, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, HTML/CSS, Symfony


Sweet Deal is a Danish company offering discount coupons on a wide variety of products and services. It is one of the largest such companies in the Scandinavia region.

SOFTLOFT has greatly contributed to this service, which is successfully developing and growing today. Since our team started work on the project, we have managed to achieve over 400 objectives of varying difficulty, including integration and customization. Here are some others:

– 2 new branches of ticket sales were launched in a very tight timeframe, along with a separate Luxury business segment. Both still maintain solid growth.

– the checkout system was redesigned

– integration with external services (e.g. insurance and partner/vendor management systems) was achieved

It is also important to note that SOFTLOFT is actively participating in the maintenance and enhancement of critically-important systems that provide interaction with partners and vendors (and the use of Symfony technology). The methodology and interactions between teams were developed from scratch according to the Scrum Method.

We take our role of keeping the project running without interruption seriously, and are working hard to add new functions whilst expanding existing ones. This includes integration with external systems, allowing us to boost the scalability and flexibility of the business in parallel with providing stable growth.