Customer goods and Food


Magento EE, Symfony, MySQL, Load Balancer, JavaScript, SOAP API


Shobr is a large marketplace of food, drinks, and other products with stores in Denmark and Norway. With such partners as Unilever and P&G, it is one of the best marketplaces of its kind in the region.

SOFTLOFT took up the project at a time when it was already active, but was affected by many mistakes and issues, and was not bringing the client the expected results. In those conditions, the project could not grow and develop. Thus, we developed an approach that allowed us to both maintain the current system and build a new one simultaneously. This new system was a unique combination of a Magento-based user interface and a Symfony-based partners’ portal. The Magento user interface handled the following tasks:
Order management and unloading of goods

User management

Content management

Marketing and sales

Sales to end-users

As for the Symfony-based system, it handled working with a catalog of over 150 thousand items from major suppliers like Unilever and P&G, as well as loading, sorting, and management of inventory. Furthermore, the system provided order processing and timely relay to vendors, as well as operations with the client base. The system was redesigned and built to handle substantial loads from visits, transactions, and order processing, whilst preserving great capacity for growth and expansion.

The project is active and successful in 2 countries, and expansion to other countries is on the horizon. It is also worth mentioning that the assortment of goods currently contains over 100 thousand products and continues expanding.