Healthcare, Baby, Customer goods


Magento EE, Drupal, MySQL, PIMS, MCOM, COMS, RabbitMQ, JavaScript, Google Maps, CyberSource, Google feeds


Mothercare is a large-scale retail company specializing in sales of products for mothers-to-be, infants, toddlers, and current mothers. Initially starting its mail-order operations in 1972, Mothercare has now established its business in many corners of the world.

SOFTLOFT started work on this project when it had already been set up and running, and our goal was to support the existing team of developers and business analysts in developing the project effectively and expanding to new markets in the Middle East and Europe.

Our team of several specialists mastered the broad and customized functionality of the project in very limited time, and began working with the native team according to the Agile method. Despite the fact that the project was already up and running, the business team still had many new ideas and goals that needed to be brought to fruition. These goals concerned different elements of the system, including Products, Virtual Gift Certificates, Customized Reports, and product loading and moderation. They also concerned new payment and delivery methods and specialized marketing tools.

During our work on the project, the SOFTLOFT team achieved the goals set before us, but also presented initiatives for improvements and refinement, some of which have already been implemented to develop the project further. One of the key requirements that was stipulated to us by the client was ensuring that the store website works on a stable and continuous basis, especially during peak load periods (weekends, holidays, and sales).

SOFTLOFT is dedicated to helping this project grow, attract new clients, and increase sales in the future.