Magento EE, Drupal, MySQL, PIMS, MCOM, COMS, RabbitMQ, JavaScript


H&M is a major fashion company, offering a wide array of clothing for adults and kids alike. Established more than 70 years ago, H&M currently trades in over 43 online markets.

The SOFTLOFT team was tasked with several ambitious goals, which could only be achieved with close cooperation between the business and marketing teams. Throughout the project, we achieved over 1000 different objectives, from customization to integration with external systems. Our work had an impact on all key elements of the store, including the catalog, products, order placement system, new delivery methods, and payment systems.

One of the biggest separate tasks we faced was achieving integration with external systems such as PIMS (content and product management in 2 languages), COMS (order processing), and MCOM (order management).

The key requirements set before us were establishing continuous project operation, project scaling, and security.

The SOFTLOFT team successfully achieved the aforementioned goals, and the project development continues to this day. Furthermore, a growth of sales and the base of loyal customers is taking place. We expect our cooperation with H&M to bring many more achievements over time.