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Our team

Vitaly – Magento Frontend developer

Cocos – Happiness Manager

Volodymir – REACT Frontend developer

Yuriy – Backend Developer

Lev – Magento Backend Developer

Yurii – Frontend REACT developer

Sergey – CTO and Tech lead

Sergey – Magento back end developer

Sergey – Magento Backend developer

Daria – Business development manager

Igor- Backend Developer

Ira – Backend Developer

Anastasia – Front End Developer

Andrey – Magento Backend Developer

Andrey- Magento Backend Developer

Petr – CEO and Magento Evangelist

Roman – Full Stack Developer

Rost – Magento Frontend developer

Sergey – Magento Backend developer

Victor – Magento Backend developer

Vika – Senior Project Manager

Andrii – Full Stack Developer

Artem – Magento Frontend developer

Vlad – Senior QA

Maxim – Magento Backend Developer

Max – Magento Backend Developer

Mike – Frontend REACT Angular-developer

Alex – COO

Alex – Magento Backend Developer

Alex- Senior QA

Ivan – Backend Developer

Kostya – Magento Backend Developer

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