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New opportunities for your business with Magento mobile themes

Everybody always has their mobile phone in a pocket. It is much more than a way to call; we’ve got used to hold in our hand a watch, an organizer, a walkman and a camera. And now it is time for mobiles to become an efficient tool of your business development. Why not? Magento application extends mobile functionality. It can be a perfect internet store!

Magento-based shops are supported with all the most popular platforms: iOS, Android, Bada,
Windows Mobile. Your mobile store will be easy-to use for customers in navigation, searching from any page and
your newsletters getting. Design is always intended for making buying process smooth, fast and comfortable. Large buttons, instant add to cart without page reload will turn mobile shopping to pleasure for your
clients. Moreover, cart button is accessible from everywhere. With new option of easy and fast checkout
it will be a dream mobile store!

To get all possible benefits Magento proposes you, be sure that you ask professionals to develop
a shop for you. At SOFTLOFT Ukraine you can find real experts with years of experience who can
implement your most daring ideas!