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Benefits of Magento 2 as a Platform

As the e-commerce platform and technology landscape continues to evolve, many retailers and startups alike are left with the never-ending question of “What is the right technology stack for e-commerce today?”. There is no universal answer to this question, as technology stacks and platforms are...

What workflow is better to choose for your web team ?

When a team is working on a project we often meet the similar issue:how to divide the work so as not to interfere with each other and avoid conflicts.testing and error correctionsplit on version and demonstration of the project at different stages for the customerHere...

Magento 2 Export products error

Exporting your Magento 2.x data can sometimes be a tricky task. This is a common issue that happened after migration from Magento 1 to  Magento 2. You may face the absence of half of the information about products which happened during the export to the...

Advantages of Magento 2 Enterprise? Do they exist?

It is known that between Magento 1 EE and CE there are few differences and given the large number of extensions, many site owners achieve the same performance from the Magento 1 Community website, as well as Magento Enterprise.However, with Magento 2, the gap in...

Magento collections paginations

Magento collections when setPageSize and pagination does not workWe decided to write about a problem that sometimes occurs everywhere where collections are used: goods, news, blog, etc.The problem is that you are trying to set a limit for the collection, but it does not work,...

Magento Customer Session is empty

Some Magento developers have been challenges that the user session does not contain data.The most common problems:user can not log in to the store;user’s comment comes as from guest;do not load user data for forms.The issue is often difficult to diagnose and accordingly the cause...