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Magento Front end developer

SoftLoft / Magento Front end developer


  • Experience in HTML/CSS/JS at least 5 years 2+ years in Magento 2, 3+ years experience in Magento, strong knowledge of best practice and standards
  • Knockout js
  • Basic Knowledge of OOP and best practice coding will be plus
  • GIT (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab)
  • REACT will be plus
  • English: Intermediate +. Fluent speaking skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Magento Front end developer Certificate will be a plus


  • Front end development for various Magento 2 projects
  • Magento themes from scratch
  • Customization of existing projects

What kind if projects are are doing:

  • Mostly we work with Magento 2 and EE version
  • We work with client from: USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Middle East (Kuwait, UAE, KSA)
  • We work with famous brands like: Victoria Secret, H&M, BBW, Mothercare
  • Most of our projects long term and require constant study
  • We work with different industries like: Fashion, Consumer goods, Electronic, Beauty etc
  • Most of our projects has 3d part integrations with ERP, CRM systems.

Our workflow process:

  • In most cases we use Agile based methodology
  • Our management tools: JIRA, Trello. Upon require we can send you our detail
  • Communication channels: Slack, E-mail, Skype (Seldom)
  • GIT repo: GitLab, and sometimes: GitHub, BitBucket (upon client’s request)
  • Technical workflow documentation which very detail describe
  • Team structure for typical Magento project: PM, Team lead, Back end developer, Front end developer. We never give front end task to Back and anc Back end task to the Front end. We believe developer should focus on his own work and skills up in particular direction

How we usually works with projects:

  • Dedicated resource. In this case developer contact directly to client and his team. All work conditions discussed before developer start work with client to provide comfortable work environment for the Developer
  • SCRUM process. Projects which we deliver to the customer using SCRUM methodology. We are using all tools and processes to provide comfortable and clear developer process
  • Support tasks. Usually it works with existing projects. If we take new project for the support usually we are executing audit first so team understand there “Real picture”
  • Fixed price projects. Usually we use internally Scrum/Kanban process to deliver best results. Normally in this kind of projects developer communicate with tech lead and PM only

What do we offer:

  • High and competitive salary;
  • Interesting international projects;
  • Friendly team who always can help you
  • Opportunities for remote work (we do not ask stay in the office);
  • Flexible business hours (8h per day, 5 days per week). But sometimes projects require hours which are aligned with client business house (but not before 9.00 am and not after 8.00pm)
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid taxes
  • Salary in USD
  • Official contract with private entrepreneur
  • Possible business trips to the Customers office

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