Magento Back end developer

SOFTLOFT / Magento Back end developer


  • Experience in PHP and MySQL at least 5 years 2+ years in Magento 2, 3+ years experience in Magento, strong knowledge of best practice and standards, architecture
  • Good knowledge of XML, SOAP, experience in API integration with 3d part services
  • Excellent knowledge of OOP and best practice coding
  • Experience in high loaded systems will be a plus
  • GIT (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab)
  • English: Intermediate +. Fluent speaking skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Magento Certificate will be a plus


  • New extensions and features development
  • Project development from scratch
  • Magento platform customization as per client’s requirements
  • Integration with 3d part applications

What kind if projects we are doing:

  • Mostly we work with Magento 2 and EE version
  • We work with clients from USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Middle East (Kuwait, UAE, KSA)
  • We work with famous brands like Victoria Secret, H&M, BBW, Mothercare
  • Most of our projects long term and require constant study
  • We work with different industries like Fashion, Consumer goods, Electronic, Beauty etc.
  • Most of our projects has 3d part integrations with ERP, CRM systems

Our workflow process:

  • In most cases we use Agile-based methodology
  • Our management tools: JIRA, Trello. Upon require we can send you our detail
  • Communication channels: Slack, E-mail, Skype (Seldom)
  • GIT repo: GitLab, and sometimes: GitHub, BitBucket (upon client’s request)
  • Technical workflow documentation which very detail describe
  • Team structure for typical Magento project: PM, Team lead, Back end developer, Front end developer. We never give front end tasks to a Back end and back end tasks to a Front end. We believe the developer should focus on his own work and skills up in a particular direction

How we usually work with projects:

  • Dedicated resource. In this case developer contact directly to the client and his team. All work conditions discussed before the developer start work with the client to provide a comfortable work environment for the Developer
  • SCRUM process. Projects which we deliver to the customer using SCRUM methodology. We are using all tools and processes to provide a comfortable and clear developer process
  • Support tasks. Usually, it works with existing projects. If we take new project for the support usually we are executing audit first so team understand there “Real picture”
  • Fixed price projects. Usually, we use internally Scrum/Kanban process to deliver the best results. Normally in this kind of projects developer communicate with a tech lead and PM only

What do we offer:

  • High and competitive salary
  • Interesting international projects
  • Friendly team who always can help you
  • Opportunities for remote work (we do not ask to stay in the office)
  • Flexible business hours (8h per day, 5 days per week). But sometimes projects require hours which are aligned with client business house (but not before 9.00 am and not after 8.00pm)
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid taxes
  • Salary in USD
  • Official contract with private entrepreneur
  • Possible business trips to the Customers office

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