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Author: Rozumno

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How do we get our experience in Magento theme development?

High qualification in Magento theme development is a result of a long time of experience and hard work. What is our way of gaining Magento development skills? Magento is famous for its very good and solid documentation. A lot of data concerning Magento development, particularly...

PHP framework development vs CMS

PHP web development is intended for realization of a wide variety of projects. The specificity of the projects defines the methods and technologies for web developers. There is a common question: what to use – CMS or PHP framework development? People who vote for PHP...

What should know a good Magento programmer?

Talking about Magento development we cannot ignore human element. Online shop quality the same as deadlines adhering depends on Magento programmers’ qualification. It is usually taken for granted that Magneto developer should be witty, intelligent and ready to complete non-standard tasks. But these characteristics are...

What is the reason to have Magento mobile theme?

As of today, internet shopping is a common tendency. ECommerce market is constantly growing. It means that a lot of people are searching for goods online and at the same time the competition between online traders gets higher and higher. So internet shops’ owners use...

Why Zend Framework is fit for enterprise solutions

When it concerns implementing big web projects of enterprise level we need to think of technologies that can simplify the process and be proper to satisfy all the needs of a considerable work. At Soft-Loft we have already made the choice. We have defined an...