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Generally speaking, the right Magento integration can bring you lots of advantages. One of them is the possibility to adjust the settings of your service to your own liking. What`s more, any trustworthy Magento development company, for example, Soft- Loft will make your e-business stay on top of everything. In addition, we`ll significantly simplify your work and will provide your business with a great deal of novel opportunities for growth. Indeed, our Magento outsourcing agency will help you not only reach new markets, but also save lots of time managing your existing sales channels. Therefore, contacting Soft-Loft for magento integration assistance will drive far more value from your existing investment.


How We Work


You choose application

When a client needs application integration, we principally establish what the requirements are. Whether you need a preexisting application or want us to construct one, we find the best possible solution. 



Our fully customised services are based on comprehensive communication with clients. Before commencing, we discuss your project and its requirements with you, ensuring you get exactly what you want.



With an understanding of what is needed, we conduct extensive research in order to provide our client with the best option. We ensure that you get optimum services which meets your business’ needs.


Integration development

With dialogue having established needs, we begin the development process. Throughout this stage we maintain ongoing and extensive communication with you, ensuring we provide exactly what you need.



Once development has been completed, we conduct extensive tests to ensure our high standards are met. With our thorough approach and comprehensive testing, you will get the best possible results. 



With successful test results, we launch our client’s project. Our Magento experience ensures that your launch will not only go smoothly, but result in streamlined operation and optimum performance.

Aplication We Work With



Inventory, billing & order management applications

Any custom 3rd party applications

We are highly experienced in integrating a wide array of systems into online stores. We can provide you with a fully integrated, fully functional ERP system that will gather and process all relevant data, ensuring your business’ success. We provide optimum integration for your future in e-commerce.

With us building and managing your online store, you will know your customers like never before. We specialise in constructing, implementing and optimising the most sophisticated CRM systems, allowing you to analyse and optimise your customer interactions and make their experience more enjoyable.

Paperwork will never again be a hassle with one of our online stores. We streamline indexing and processing systems for all your stock control, billing and order management issues: allowing you to direct your time towards other matters. With our support, your online store can live up to its potential.

We only work with the Magento platform and our experts are highly experienced when it comes to integrating new applications into a streamlined and flexible store. We strive to ensure that every custom application runs smoothly and efficiently, providing you with optimum service and premium results.


Take advantage of awesome Magento integration services with ERP, CRM, and etc. Soft-Loft will grow your online business! Save time and money!

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