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Custom PHP Applications


High-speed growing area of PHP application development forces companies working in this direction to constantly improve their skills, clients support and offering services. Soft Loft Ukraine can be proud of participation in huge complicated projects and development of applications of different levels of difficulty. And now we are ready for reaching more projects, including highly loaded applications. Among the features are working with top databases, frameworks, CMS and other technologies.


Custom E-commerce platforms


Different ecommerce platforms fight for preference among the use. Our company deals with all the main ecommerce platforms, but regarding to our experience Magento mostly meets the needs of ecommerce business people. But not always a particular platform can be the one which is appropriate to the projects` demands. So envisaging such a situation and we are ready to offer custom solutions of any kind of complexity for our customers in order to realize the tasks required for their businesses. Individual approach for each case is our credo.


Enterprise platforms


Enterprise software enables to integrate routine processes in your business system. More and more companies adopt such platforms in order to monitor processes and collaboration of their teams. Such daily processes as payments, hr management, planning, safety and others can be optimized and automated with the help of this solution. Enterprise platforms can be categorized due to their functions. Our experts offer a range of services in this area, including the development of such platforms of all the types, followed by customization and technical support.


Custom cloud solutions


Among the variety of different applications and other useful business tools, cloud services play an important role. There can be cloud technologies for communication, databases, hosting services and so on. In modern businesses cloud technologies offer the best opportunities of storage and using the data, which gives great opportunities to realize your ideas, launching the projects or scaling of existing business. Soft Loft Ukraine is engaged in the development and implementation of cloud expandable and scalable projects.


Dedicated developers


Sometimes in our work it happens so that there is a need in a particular specialist or a few of them with a set of highly specialized knowledge and skills in PHP development. In such case we are ready to meet the client’s need and provide dedicated developers. All of our IT staff can speak English well enough to communicate with our international customers without the need of interpreter. As we highly value our customers, so they are given the opportunity to choose any form of cooperation. It can be done once or on the regular basis. If you contact us, you will get a consultancy.

PHP maintenance and support


According to the statistics as for the languages of programming, PHP is used in developing of 82% of web-sites. Our clients are big and small businesses all over the world. We consider them to be our partners, because we really care of their development by creating all necessary conditions for that. Our contribution is high-quality comprehensive technical support. Such maintenance allows our partners to delegate some of their tasks, and to engage themselves directly to the development of their projects.


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How We Work

We offer fully customised, streamlined and scalable online stores with the latest Magento technologies integrated. With us, you can get a fully tailored e-commerce site, adjustable whenever you want. We will work to get your online store up and running with the latest technology and minimum hassle.


Discuss requirements

Our fully customised services are based on comprehensive communication with clients. Before commencing, we discuss your project and its requirements with you, ensuring you get exactly what you want. 


Do research and consulting

With an understanding of what is needed, we conduct extensive research in order to provide our client with the best option. We ensure that you get optimum services which meets your business’ needs.


Provide quote

Our pricing system is simple and effective, ensuring clients don’t get caught by hidden costs. Once we understand your project and what it requires, we provide a complete quote for all our services.


Conduct development

With dialogue having established needs, we begin the development process. Throughout this stage we maintain ongoing and extensive communication with you, ensuring we provide exactly what you need.


Conduct testing

Once development has been completed, we conduct extensive tests to ensure our high standards are met. With our thorough approach and comprehensive testing, you will get the best possible results.



Once development has been completed, we conduct extensive tests to ensure our high standards are met. With our thorough approach and comprehensive testing, you will get the best possible results.

About Custom PHP development

Soft Loft Ukraine is the company which provides the wide range of IT services of excellent quality. PHP development is a priority sphere. One of the main advantages is strong team of IT professionals who like to accept challenges for task any scale and complexity. Our goal is to improve constantly our skills in PHP development and create extremely rapidly in order to meet need of world market of PHP development. Besides, it is very important to ensure high level of support to our clients. So if you have any questions or suggestions etc., free to contact us any time of your convenience. Our consulting managers will be glad to be useful to you.