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Magento and extensions support


Magento is well-known as the most flexible and multi-task ecommerce platform. But working with it contains many «underwater rocks», which only qualified specialists can deal with. That’s why qualified support is the matter of special importance for Soft Loft Ukraine. We can surely affirm that we are the top specialists in all the areas of Magento. Our experts undertake the tasks of all levels of difficulty. Our company is what need is if you require a comprehensive support of your project or separated modules of Magento.


Live support by skype and phone


Sometimes our clients have some urgent things to do and we should consult them in real time. It is for this reason we always try to stay in touch with our clients. If you have any questions or you want to discuss you project, integration ecommerce system, details of cooperation or anything else, just let us know. Our staff is available by Skype or by phone, they will be happy to help you with advice or practically. We work in hot line regime because we understand the importance of our clients` affairs and difficulties they might face with, using Magento.


Top level Magento developers


Personnel issues – is the most important thing in business. The best results are always achieved by a team, not by individuals. That’s why we are very picky in our policy of employment. When you become our client, you don’t have to doubt in our team members` qualification. Our specialists passed the most rigorous selection when getting a job in our company. All of them have at least 4 years of experience in this field and   are obsessed with their work. Our Magento developers contribute to the various projects. Take advantage of cooperation with the fans of their work.


Security and performance monitoring


Some of our services are truly unique. Soft Loft Ukraine specialists will not only develop and support your project, but also monitor its performance and monitor the security. Try it and you will be convinced that round-the-clock security monitoring is a guarantee of stable operation of your project. There is no need to say how important it is to ensure the protection and prevention of the potential threats. It’s necessary to mention that we possess all the needed tools, management and turnkey solutions in order to provide full operability of your project.


Hot fixes and immediate response


As you have already known we keep in touch with our clients in hot line regime. But our help is not just pieces of advice and consultancy. Soft Loft Ukraine is your reliable partner. Our dedicated specialists, namely, programmer and manager are available by phone and always ready to give a hand. If you have any trouble with your project or you just need an immediate support. All you have to do is to call us and tell about your problem. Operational assistance, repair and support of our customers are the most significant priorities of our company.


Affordable price


Soft Loft Ukraine is the one who believes that one should give more values for fewer prices. So if you compare our prices with the competitors you will see that we adhere to the policy of loyalty concerning our clients. It’s understandable that not each company has a huge enough budgets to pay for lots of services and nowadays the perception is that only actually used services are ought to be paid. Therefore, starting to work with us you both save your money and you can adjust the budget so that you only pay for the required or directly used services.


Choose support plan which match your needs


  • 5 hours per month inckuded
  • Service desk coomunication
  • Out business hours support not available


  • 10 hours per month inckuded
  • Service desk, mail coomunication
  • 1 off business hours included
  •  24/7 monitoring*
  •  Monthly reports


  • 5 hours per month inckuded
  •  20 hours per month inckuded
  •  Service desk, Mail, Skype, Phone communicationi
  •  Personal  manager included
  •  4 Off business hours inckuded
  •  24/7 monitoring*
  •  Monthly reports
  •  Everyday back ups


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About Magento Development

Downtime and operational issues can critically impact your eCommerce site, causing loss of revenue and damage to your reputation with customers. The Pixel’s technical team ensure your site remains up and working at optimum levels, providing the high level support you need for continuing business success. And that’s not all – our support packages cover development as well so you can use your hours to improve site performance whenever you need it.


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With a team of expert Magento developers at hand, we at Soft-Loft offer comprehensive premium Magento support services. Whether you want to build a new Magento site, update your existing one or migrate from another platform, we have the resources and expertise to provide you with a competitive edge. Working with the latest technology, we will ensure that your e-commerce business succeeds.