Magento Framework


Magento Framework

Magento Framework contains the collection of functions that helps to decrease the energy and time for creating the module.
If we talk about the performance, then framework is behind for all that functionality. Such as controls the HTTP protocols, interaction between database and file system.

What We Will Do?

Customizing the framework functionally of existing website.
Secure and reliable code will use for developing the framework extension.

With the Soft-Loft what you will Get?

SoftLoft will assist you to make a user friendly website on a right Magento Framework. We will customize the Framework for your existing website.
Magento Framework platform is more secure and reliable for the development of any website. Our expertise will always available for assist you to develop a website on right magento framework platform.


How We Work


Discuss requirements

Our fully customised services are based on comprehensive communication with clients. Before commencing, we discuss your project and its requirements with you, ensuring you get exactly what you want. 


Do research and consulting

With an understanding of what is needed, we conduct extensive research in order to provide our client with the best option. We ensure that you get optimum services which meets your business’ needs.


Provide quote

Our pricing system is simple and effective, ensuring clients don’t get caught by hidden costs. Once we understand your project and what it requires, we provide a complete quote for all our services.


Conduct development

With dialogue having established needs, we begin the development process. Throughout this stage we maintain ongoing and extensive communication with you, ensuring we provide exactly what you need.


Conduct testing

Once development has been completed, we conduct extensive tests to ensure our high standards are met. With our thorough approach and comprehensive testing, you will get the best possible results.



With successful test results, we launch our client’s project. Our Magento experience ensures that your launch will not only go smoothly, but result in streamlined operation and optimum performance.

Our warranty


100% Magento & PHP Coding Standards


100 % Privacy Safe


Scalable And Optimized Code


High Quality Coding & Testing


100% Money Back Guarantee

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